Hope Solo Poster & WallpaperHope Solo Dancing With The Stars

Hope Solo

She’s my favorite goalkeeper.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

8 Responses to Hope Solo

  1. abercrombiegirly5

    she is fantastic! fantastic vid. adding to faves! :D

  2. LauraKalmari21

    She’s incredible! and beutiful

  3. 18HS

    very nice video. Like the music and the pictures of course. normally I
    don’t like this sort of music, but these 2 songs are excellent!!

  4. goodweek12

    Nice vid, she’s the BEST!

  5. p3dr1ux

    Hey what’s the name of the first song on this video???

  6. FlyersHockeyPride

    Brianna WHO? HOPE OWNS ALL!! GO PHILLY INDEPENDENCE!!! :-) Not to mention,
    she’s pretty damn sweet looking too!

  7. footballgirl93

    sleepless with until june

  8. Lauren Parker

    @p3dr1ux it is sleepless until june

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