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Broadway Group Dance – Dancing with the stars – Season 13 – Week 6

All the couples are performing together on the stage a Broadway group performance to the songs “Huge spender” and “Money, money”. Judges didn’t score the grou…
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25 Responses to Broadway Group Dance – Dancing with the stars – Season 13 – Week 6

  1. krazyb2

    derek made it rain!!!!

  2. sandra rico

    Maks super incredible

  3. maggieiscool97

    I reckon robs had way to much caffeine haha

  4. lexi lou

    i wish i were on the show

  5. ladyvictoria8

    like carson..rob is a huge baby…..everyone else is fantastic!!

  6. joroy123

    oh god tristan and maks …..:-) couldnt see anyone else :-)

  7. julie massey

    Dancing with the stas is my fav. TV show!!! LUV IT!!!

  8. mellie8888

    STILL like Rob’s enthusiasm is this video:) “BROADWAAAY!”

  9. fearnette92

    I seriously like this dance!

  10. orangeflower24

    omg carson is so amusing !!

  11. lexi lou

    (quote from j.r.) chaz bono

  12. jgo2086

    Hope to Nancy: ready to be a stripper-and shimmes on her Nancy: yeah I am

  13. marie nuque

    Rob is like super excited hahahaha

  14. AndroidGrl34

    I hope either Ricki or JR win. It was amusing when they frightened Chaz. Haha.
    Derek is my fav guy pro dancer.

  15. dmcguirre

    0:26 so chaz went under the knife to be a man, now it’s time for him to
    take a class on How to be a gentleman 101.

  16. latinatoughgirl

    lacey is hot

  17. elmagolu

    HOPE SOLO SUPER HOT! She is the hottest girl on this dance, I need more
    “hope” in my life and her abs too.

  18. latinatoughgirl

    lacey sexy

  19. Sandra Morris

    I loved Tristan and J.R. ‘scaring’ Chaz…lol

  20. peanutbuttaluv754

    haha i like it when tristan and j.r scare chaz :)

  21. TheSnowballxoxo

    everyone was fantastic but chaz needs to do more action like the others <3

  22. Vince Villagonzalo

    haha :))

  23. Joyce51

    That was Karina lol

  24. youox32

    2:05 :O

  25. Ianette Hecox

    carson kressley

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