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Alex Morgan + Hope Solo + Amy Roudrigez + The USWNT

Alex Morgan + Hope Solo + Amy Roudrigez + The USWNT

I Made A video of including and Amy . Why? Because I ADORE and the USA won against Brazil! Music belongs to Beyonce and C…
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11 Responses to Alex Morgan + Hope Solo + Amy Roudrigez + The USWNT

  1. Wesley Jenq

    I’m in like with Hope Solo! <3

  2. liljunior805

    Amy Rodriguez is hot

  3. cherry1on1the1top

    @cutiepie123hehe They maybe lost the last match but they played such an a m
    a z i n g world cup and there will be revenge in London 2010!

  4. cherry1on1the1top

    sry for spelling it incorrect I just like the girls they rocked my summer

  5. cutiepie123hehe

    Alex Morgan and Hope Solo idc what people say about USA losing they still
    are in 2nd and hope is the best goal in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (: <3

  6. Jo1231420

    london 2012!!! i pleased!!!!

  7. gewrgia456

    incredible vid ..like the beginning!!!! who run the world? USWNT!!! :P

  8. xRawrItsIan

    Ya spelled my last name incorrect, its Rodriguez but cool vid man.

  9. ericjungleboy

    The song is so based on “Boys” by MIA

  10. cherry1on1the1top

    @gewrgia456 YAAAY youre so right!

  11. Sameer Raza

    smell alex morgan panties stink.

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