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Jordan Wieber Fail, Hope Solo Bashes Brandi Chastain, Sleeps With Carli Lloyd At Olympics

With At – Pleased Birthday Hope Solo!

15 Responses to Jordan Wieber Fail, Hope Solo Bashes Brandi Chastain, Sleeps With Carli Lloyd At Olympics

  1. K9KING33

    3:15 change your smoke detector battery

  2. TPDChiphop

    Pleased birthday Hope!!!!

  3. James George

    I so agree

  4. tanio12

    jordan?! the one who stepped out of bounds? where is th black gymanst at
    people act as if she doesn’t exist i wouldnt underestimate her.

  5. James George

    Maybe she needs sex?

  6. Kyra Fountain

    If you’re going to report ‘news’ then can you please make a point to spell
    ‘Jordyn’s’ name correctly? Thank you.

  7. Gregory Champion

    Gr8 vid

  8. curtflirt2

    Well she did this a couple of years ago too and got kick off the team for a
    bit in the last championships or olympics

  9. jasmine lam

    @James George, EWEE THAT’S JUST DISGUSTING o_o

  10. Philly Sixergal

    I really wish people would stop calling Hope Solo the greatest gk…Briana

  11. Kyra de la Fuente

    Tanio12 you spelled Jordyn’s name incorrect. Secondly Jordyn didn’t fail. She
    placed fourth all around. It was the two per country rule that kept we from
    the all around finals. She didn’t even have a terrible competition, it wasn’t
    her best but it was better than all hut three of the girls competing.

  12. zennie62

    no smoke detector.

  13. curtflirt2

    I reckon the competition between Locke and Phelps is messing them both up.
    Both of them shouldn’t be doing this terrible now.

  14. agent1180

    She came in 4th. Bullshit rules more than failure. Hope Solo is an

  15. curtflirt2

    I like Hope but she has to chill the heck out.

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