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Hope Solo y Alex Morgan

Video Rating: 5 / 5

& Maksim Chmerkovskiy – Tango With The Stars Season 13 Week 5 October 17, 2011 Song: “Livin’ On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi Score: 24.

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24 Responses to Hope Solo y Alex Morgan

  1. Spencer Elliott


  2. mystica375

    Christie rampone in the crowd? at 3:57 with her daughters <3

  3. Shanekqua Mcfarland

    What did she call him at 0:42 ??

  4. Goku Son

    tango no? es esto

  5. VCRider

    Tango on bon jovi ,oh? man ….!tehy should get triple points for that.

  6. Skyhighblu

    Lol wow drunk youtube comment. I read somewhere oh yeah her book she’s promotin something about how he beat her all the time. While i was typing this the video was playing and she said something about balls to the face and it made me realize Im in a 5 yr? ancient’s mood right now


    wut?? lol

  8. Skyhighblu

    Lol he beat her backstage hahahaha? Im drunk

  9. Yellow4494

    Does it look like I give a fuck? Her hips are still masculine. Most girls have girl hips… Some have manly looking hips. It doesn’t matter what sport you play or even if you play one.? It’s how you’re built.

  10. gudaran

    i admit,? i chuckled too

  11. svsps

    And then, according to Solo’s new book, he proceeded to? beat the shit out of her.

  12. skyelovesu95

    she plays? soccer duh

  13. Gunther Kater

    Ah? lur’ dat ass

  14. Ashley Olson

    fuck? u shes a soccer player, her power is her legs jack ass

  15. 528water

    “….Balls getting driven at your face…”?

  16. hofifut

    Hope’s? quite hideous, really. Huge ass, too. Typical American

  17. january february

    she’s hott?

  18. JIBFM

    please someone make a gif of 1:42? I will like you forever.

  19. El7IncA

    that guy doesn’t know what he is doing, Solo is? much better dancer.

  20. Ianette Hecox

    the problem that they couldn’t fget into the? finals are caused by maks and the judges. maks’ attitude is suckish and the judges give her lower scores, like in her paso, she should’ve gotten a 25 atleast.

  21. Yellow4494

    Lol. Yes? he sure does.

  22. Wrathchild400

    lol, I thought I’d made this comment! Sounds like something I’d say…Yeah, he certainly needs some corporal punishment? on that hot a**!

  23. Yellow4494

    Haha I like how Maks hid behind Hope because he was worried Len? was gonna scold him. Plus he got kicked out of that school play for bein terrible… Such a naughty boy. Needs a excellent spanking.

  24. Yellow4494

    She’s not that muscular, she’s just really toned. Her hips? are slightly masculine though.

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