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Mw3 Survival | Wave 39 *Seatown* Solo ! – By TheSyndicateProject

you loved this long video! 10000 Likes? This took 6 hours in ! 28 In The World! I actual get to 39 for the and fail miserably ! Follow me on Twitter! twitter.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I do not own any part of this . Subscribe for new videos, im without you guys. Hope You delight in these songs and check out my other videos!

49 Responses to Mw3 Survival | Wave 39 *Seatown* Solo ! – By TheSyndicateProject

  1. CameronsCinema

    Incredible CoD clips on my channel!
    If you sub? it means the world.
    Thanks so? much.
    -Cameron :P

  2. james bond

    friend request be i’m zombiedoy4ever?

  3. FinANDbobdoof

    sleight of hand or? steady aim

  4. ninjabomber9514

    dude? that was so excellent!

  5. Yaseen Ifthikhar

    Your excellent get to wave? 100then your the best

  6. Timpish3n

    u playing with a razer control :)

  7. trevaughn lindo

    when u was on round 32 u forgot to giv ur self self? revive

  8. leiws scott

    get lots of C4 then place them around a door way make the juggernaught go through? the door way and then set the C4 of

  9. sharon mc kenny

    whats that? sound

  10. WaltzAroundTh3World

    toss the c4 out? the window and detonate at 40:00

  11. IPsychoILunatiC

    r u kidding i? made to over 30 and im about rank 4000

  12. CNXwarfare

    Tom well u know u haven’t done some black ops ps3 multiplayer for? ages well I was thinking me and u could play some together inbox me if u want to :)

  13. TheAjelmo

    jbn t vbvfcq? polm1qop./lo x

  14. TheAjelmo

    mmmmmm? mmmmm mw3mw4

  15. teamhelper57

    ya, but I don’t reckon Treyarch is? gonna hand over the rights for it to IW

  16. Cool11540

    made? to round 26 I’m rank 42

  17. rabbs33

    i wish mw3 had zombies.would have been? nice!!

  18. rabbs33

    hell ya,i play and cant usually get past the 7 or 8 wave.my sons kick ass and make it up? to about wave twenty.

  19. kramerkid1

    underground? is the simplest to me

  20. Cannibulismisfunny21

    Kill streak is getting kills in a row without taking any? hurt :)

  21. DontGood

    im 12 me and my father (not that excellent? ) reached to 37 on carbon is that excellent

  22. drosencrancedr

    My highest round is 132 on dome solo?

  23. DaOverkillerHD

    My best is 91 (3rd attempt.) No Glitch, cheat,? mod or hack. On XBOX Leaderboard rank 50 ish. my xbox live is HEROxSimqLe

  24. aruknak

    MW3 is not as excellent as black? ops…

    expecialy ZOMBIES

  25. logie bear

    i reckon its amusing?

  26. imunlikeanyotherone

    4:20 is when the song really ebeded then? he or she added the credits lol jk it enden at 4:21

  27. 2011SelenaFan101


  28. MrJfam1

    blazing hot new artist? ceej opens concert for wiz? khalifa and jaysean? type in…(ceej epk)!!!!!!?

  29. tobylilico


  30. MichielZzzz

    who is justin? bieber?

  31. sanv89

    i like cudi but i reckon a lot of ppl dnt like him cuz he is kind? of a dick.. he keeps it real and a lot of ppl dnt like that!

  32. sanv89


  33. mazafuzle

    you dont need 3d glases to watch someone jump of a tower.. you? already see in 3d everyday of your life so having the glasses wouldnt do much..

  34. JosephBr0seph

    holy shit?

  35. 17Aschuler

    here? let me help you 0:00

  36. msuniquness713

    im… Mr. Solo Dolo
    # i like you kid cudi? <3

  37. TheToxicLunch

    This statement? is incomplete.

  38. GranahhDoh

    tht shit aint? fun….

  39. 1playmax

    Buddy You Got The %’s Incorrect? Way Round! + And JB Has Nothing To Do With Cudi? You Gay Teenager Who Has No Life

  40. 1playmax

    @448pieman Buddy You Got The %’s Incorrect Way? Round! + And JB Has Nothing To Do With Cudi You Gay Teenager Who Has No Life

  41. theownagification

    That end part amde no sense… “If you are the? 1% sitting there with popcorn and such…If what?

  42. carrin20

    Onnds? lives in this hizzzzzy

  43. mazafuzle

    why do you need 3D? glasses to see someone jump off a tower.. you already see in 3D so having 3D would be useless… you failed. just like that fag justin

  44. AprovedByMe

    i bet you don’t even have? smoked once..

  45. thelmfaojessie

    i’m? blazed as fuck!

  46. Wizhafa

    if u dont smoke to kid cudi u should be shot?

  47. jordyn martinez

    haha right im hella doed up in? the D 303 haha MH!!!!!

  48. youngsmithjr

    seems like cudi’s songs always? seem to match my feelings for each day. like this dude.

  49. deidrebee1

    spelling? optional

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