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Keith Jarrett “Vermont Solo 1977″ #01 – Part I (Improvisation)

Here is a real !… playing a full following the celebrate Koln (1975) and the Japan recorded in 1976…filmed in a gorgeous open air setting, this 90′ long performance has only appeared on now-out of print VHS and Japan disc, but has never been reissued on DVD. This is the 1st Part of 3. you delight in!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Keith Jarrett “Vermont Solo 1977″ #01 – Part I (Improvisation)

  1. AkaMouTinn

    part 2 ??????

  2. lYllXl

    I was ready to have a tirade against you for saying those things? about keith man!

  3. lYllXl

    You have done the world such? an incredible kindness by posting this. Thank you so much. This video is mystical. spellbinding. Breathtaking. Keith is a master of improv. Thanks once again I really do appreciate it.

  4. DajaWaja

    ahahhahaah wtffff?

  5. leirgauk

    This is my first time hearing of this? guy. I can safely say my life feels considerably richer now!
    Like his artistic mannerisms! :D

  6. RYROSmetaldefender

    i reckon this is a total piece of trash , this guy is retarded , i despise how this piano sounds , everything is horrible here ,i reckon this guy should take himself and his piano to the top of a tower and enlace him with the piano and he must throw both from the top, to crush straight to the ground and smash all his retarded music , and while his parts? flow into the air someone incinerate the rest. …

    kidding , this guy is fantastic , sucha brilliant performance , staggering !

  7. simayps

    Thank you so much for sharing this video. You can’t imagine how this music means? to me.

  8. ChristianTappa70

    Thanks so much for having shared this rare among the rarest video of Jarrett,? hoping that they will edit on dvd one day. No matter what they say, he IS one of the masters of Music. Maybe my favorite one.

  9. unclejohnthezef


  10. piano60javier

    ¡¡¡MUCHAS GRACIAS¡¡¡UKAYKEYS ,’¡¡¡muchas gracias¡¡¡keith.-jnb?

  11. pooncetacular

    Thanks massively. I’m a writer and I’m working on a new novel. I listen to Mr. Jarrett every day that I write. I recognize you know how rare this work is. I can’t imagine anyone’s work that’s more inspiring for the work I wish to do, the? best work I have in me. Please don’t be surprised if I listen to this hundreds of times.

  12. piano60javier

    Magnifica , Extraordinaria…., Simplemente , es Keith.. en estado Puro..¡¡Gracias¡¡Un millon? de Gracias….jnb

  13. VideoYanez

    Just what I needed to end preparing my seminar! Relaxing,? though perpetually stimulating music. Thought I had heard all by KJ, but I guess you never know… Thanks!

  14. daegrant

    Ukaykeys – this is? more than a real rare treasure. This is simply one of the best things on Youtube. Thank you so

  15. darkstack

    Considering this is from a LaserDisc and very hard to find AND in the? gorgeous state of Vermont, this is a superb recording. Let’s not complain any of us.

  16. undertheturnpike

    extraordinary performance, the sound isn’t terrible,? Keith really plays his heart out!

  17. hirgons

    eh excellent surprise,? thanks !!!!!

  18. benvieberink

    wonderful, thanks a lot for sharing with us.? Incredible!

  19. ukaykeys

    You´ re welcome! Concerning “Heartland”: which specials do you mean -? from German TV?

  20. goldengab

    Oh my God, this is what I was searching for many years… there were some extracts from this incredible concert but this is? the entire one!!! Thanks you so much! Do you have also the tv specials when he played “Heartland”?

  21. TheAlterEar

    Many thanks!!!?

  22. jbs1091

    Right up? there with Bremen/Lausanne, the Sun Bear Concerts, and the other long concerts, IMO. Thank you for sharing this!

  23. Ced77000

    Fantastic thanks a? lot lot lot !!

  24. ukaykeys

    @MichaelTheOliver: this is the best version? I know, Pal! But I heard a lot of worse versions :-)

  25. MichaelTheOliver

    is there a better? recording?

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