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Hang Solo “This is not a Drum”

? sotomayor Listen more www.youtube. or support our projects itunes.. This is not a Fantastic 2011, the titel of this is one of the 11 songs included in this , for Cds order www.theartoffusion.com i you delight in my Hang solo wish you the rafael

This is the song and the of Jason Derulo’s new summer hit, Riding Solo. Its an AWESOME song and i hope you really delight in it :) PLZ rate, comment, , and favourite XD
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49 Responses to Hang Solo “This is not a Drum”

  1. fradaja


  2. bchimself

    Looks like a bunch of flattened grill covers to me. If a company started making these and selling them wherever instead of being dicks and? requiring permission, they’d rule the market. Limiting the ability to buy such a thing will keep people uneducated about it, and people will play worse in general.

  3. classical2metal

    You have to request one from the makers at PANArt… By writing a letter basicly asking permission to buy one. And they cost about 2600 directly from them. Or you could go to E-Bay and get one? for 5000-8000 roughly.

  4. rifaTBS

    Lol each one? of those steel tits costs 5000 bucks….the most expensive I’ve heard

  5. proklaudio

    trop? fort du jamais vu

  6. MaxZaLeftbehind

    awesome..!! ;p?

  7. ssfshock1

    its so? alien
    freaking awesome

  8. bytesabre

    These things cost more than the moon and you need to sacrifice chickens to HangArt to get them. How in the name? of the fantastic worm spirit can you afford three?

  9. Mitchypryce

    Where could i buy a? hang??

  10. ScanatixRecordz

    haha thats right ;D?

  11. electronicballast

    Really,? all the steel PAN players I’ve met call them just that – Steel Pans.

  12. JelMain

    You cannot produce that ridden tone at the start on a steel drum. What’s happening is that the steel drum technology has been slowly improving, and people have been studying what happens when you use repoussée techniques on the drums. This has simply inverted the entire? playing head, making it less dependant on the body: but the extra nodules (for want of a better term) allow it to ring longer.

  13. JamesHaskin

    1:45 O_O dat drum?

  14. XxMutilatedxX

    That instrument gives off the most calming sounds? I have ever heard in my entire life

  15. QualityTimeChannel

    “I’m? stepping through the door, and I’m floating in a most peculiar way…”

  16. DjShredderbeat

    this should be used in modern music. Would add a? more angelic feel to the vibe

  17. bigglyguy

    Similar to a pan but this? is a ‘hang’.

  18. allo0102

    NASA’s largest secrets are now? unveiled

  19. jair94drums

    El sonido se este? instrumento me provoca nostalgia, LO QUIERO!! *—*

  20. huseyinali08

    perfekt müzik und enstroment? und spiler

  21. dwringer

    they’re ‘steel pans’, the drum is what holds oil and makes a more-or-less-atonal ‘clang’.

    yes, this is being somewhat anal about the? terminology, but the community makes that distinction.

  22. hebus4

    halo? drum it is .

  23. KaleTelin

    ……… Yes……? Twister……

  24. MrMiniMio

    A percussion instrument. ?

  25. Billy2Teddy8

    Uh.. let’s see. Instrument categories:
    Stringed = has strings
    Wind = uses the vibrations of wind
    Brass = vibrations? of wind in metal
    Percussion = Sound made with percussive blows by hands, mallets, or sticks.
    If it’s not a drum, wtf is it?

  26. MegaMinecraftler1

    :D oh im sorry.
    I? didn’t notice the “his” :D

  27. Natalie Shum

    I dated this player never knew he was but now? i do he said exactly this to me” i will only date you if you can beat me at a race.” i was like wtf

  28. MarkoBroPro

    idk if u guys have noticed this but this? was the day he acalty broke up with his wife and left his kids behind! thumbs up so people can acalty now this

  29. XOmusicloverOX C

    yea jackass thts rite im ridin solo go back to that slut you chose? over me!!! its over im a star and ur caaleeeeeeeeearly not!

  30. chaunceybilIups

    Thumbs up if you have? YouTube on this tab.

  31. claudiashawn1

    Ummmm why would? he be riding my cat?

  32. sagiishot1

    ?? If at least one person reads this, it would be a phenomenon for me
    ? I’m an 17 year ancient hanging on and trying to make it in the music industry
    ? I play violin+sing. I write songs and do covers as well
    ? I’m not trying to spam and I know how annoying these things get, so I apologize
    ? But I’ll? do anything to get my music heard?
    ? I may be a dreamer, but there are others as well. Please allow me a chance to
    show you what I’ve got?
    Please just click my name? or fling a thumbs up for this comment

  33. justinroxesyoursoxes

    Was there just a? fucking add in the middle of this song?

  34. chickady559

    LIKE THIS SONGG! so glad im ridin solo now, gosh my? ex was so annoying xD

  35. BookGuurl101

    I place this in my fb then? me and my ex got back 2gether and i was lik o shit and had 2 take it down

  36. camposhoohead

    i like? this song:)

  37. leximariececenicole

    im? a girl? lol

  38. MegaMinecraftler1

    You are not a small Gentleman! :D
    But excellent work…I would do it too i thinkh xD ?

  39. leximariececenicole

    riddin solo since 5 minutes ago :) ? lol i posted this to his fb wall!!!

  40. Shante9497


  41. MarijeBaby

    How you know ??? :O

  42. ryann parkhurst

    i was just riding solo and this song came on got 2 luv? it…

  43. Struck Revenge

    like? this song

  44. musicismygalaxy420


  45. Loleta mohammed

    Im solo ..im riding solo? Im riding solo Solooooooooo :P P :D

  46. shelly kilsby

    like it

  47. rowdy165

    this song makes? me feel better being single…

  48. jada mattingly

    i miss my bf we? where separated

  49. carmelita129

    im putting on my shades,
    to cover up my? eyes,
    i’m jumping on my ride,
    i’m heading out tonight,
    i’m solo, im riding solo im riding solo sooloooo luv the song

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