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Runescape – Ultimate Solo Zammy Guide – Multiple Setups – Commentary – Zamorak

I hope you delight in – please rate the =D Today we have a full in depth . This goes over for both the magic defence pray method as well as the defence pray mage method! All are explaned in the video, but feel free to change them depending on what items you have available to you. Thanks, and I hope you delight in. .youtube. www.runeshark.

www.youtube.com Click Here To Watch – Call Of Duty : Hands Off The Merchandise – Kill The Pentagon Thief (Achievement Guide) Call Of Duty : Zombies FIVE – Solo Strategy With (Part 1/3) I finally got to make my solo strategy for the level FIVE on . It’s pretty long though and this part 1 of 3 so I hope you really delight in it and I hope it helps you out a lot. TAGS: GAM3VIDZ Call of duty solo strategy live zombies FIVE video games ps3 gameplay
Video : 4 / 5

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49 Responses to Runescape – Ultimate Solo Zammy Guide – Multiple Setups – Commentary – Zamorak

  1. MrTurmoilZerk

    how many kills you? get on average?

  2. MsNolifer

    Ohh,..i see..well.. nice? vid!

  3. RsDrPowers

    There is Rune_Shark & Runeshark lol,? Simon & James.

  4. MsNolifer

    Hey RuneSharkVideos, i’ve seen your other vids, it wasn’t same person? doing vid…Is your acct shared?..wow…that’s epic…

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  6. Getharian

    in a few of the podcasts/other vids they said that they dont plot on putting it back up again?

  7. Roxas0wnzyou

    Perfect? guide, ty alot :)

  8. jabbawockid

    Runeshark? website doesn’t work :(

  9. Seequhl

    I? bet in god wars dungeon the bosses are like “alright guys im about to solo runeshark!”

  10. mrnokia90

    which chaotic shield with be best with bandos armor here??

  11. pietiever

    Can? you make a low level guide pls

  12. yazoonski

    1:17 “it’s also excellent to have a daughter”? :D

  13. shakir10987

    i am watching these videos and? im not even a member -__-

  14. knightlord124

    I haven’t comopleted Eagder ruse i entered god wars without completing troll stronghold or 60? agiltiy orr 60 strength at 68 cb

  15. MrNirous

    there is an aura that makes poison instead of damaging you, heal you.
    because this boss has a? high poison attack i though that that would be the aura to go with.
    and if it heals you as much as it wuld hurt you i would save you food to.

  16. PulseGamesTV

    I reckon he place a clip? in the incorrect spot.

  17. laipofx

    For the aura’s i strongly suggest the poison surge aura’s, as it heals the hurt taken when poisoned.
    Free Healing? :)

  18. cryptsys

    It’s PIE -EH-TEI?

  19. Jesse22H

    man, even just in september of last year this match was so different.

    lol @ 13:30 where? coins really go into the inventory.

  20. MrLolizzle

    Join Nb-scape Now realllllly fun loading? 711 join at Nb-scape or join EncryptedEnvy For more forum fun!

  21. liktnstein13

    dude a lot of repeating yourself lol i? thought i was watching it replay over and over.

  22. doomraccoon12

    2:50 “are? using a sony arab and that’s excellent news that they are willing to”

  23. ZanroOnRS

    only? excellent loot… z spear and hilt lawl

  24. ZanroOnRS

    piety… u say it like pie? tea

  25. terrariamaster1

    i like ur vids guys, the only thing about ur guides is that most people don’t have 99 everything, even with the worse armor u guys won’t probably get hurt the? way the rest of us do…. just saying, anyway nice vids

  26. rmitchellrm3

    Your right i reckon they’re? called “HATERS”

  27. dillontarbuck1

    ignore them? dickheads that call u, u are awesome

  28. dillontarbuck1

    u are AWESOME!, plz can u do one without lice commentary and? i am sure u can kick some zombie ass

  29. chugalongway01

    fuck? these ads

  30. akomissmo2

    add me guys in PSN Akomissmo2 I wanna play Zombies (I? dont have map packs, ill just wait for BO2)

  31. angello rufasto

    nator tator silence and? you are a fantastic team and also amusing

  32. poops589

    cool tale? bro

  33. MrAwesome907

    I’m young im? 12

  34. HaleyTan3

    how? to you spell xshals or something

  35. haowengongshang

    there is no perfect strategy in black ops since most of it is based on luck like where the box is or what bonuses you get for killing? a zombie.

  36. Norvelle99

    it’s patched dude?

  37. 649silentkiller

    my dam computer? is so fing slow

  38. grap3burns

    2:32 u do know u have? granade right?and INCORRECT!first step to this is 2 ALWAYS buy quick revive!but i should go simple on y it looks like u just got it and sorry!:)

  39. LtPeeWeeHerman

    Maybe if u didnt reckon a dumb shotgun was so vital i? would of liked

  40. hesoyam56757

    i? do to

  41. codeblue798

    @theweirdone yeah yester? day i did a quick match to round 32 then got down for the first time and for some reason when i get down i just dont wanna play for the rest of the day. LIke my mind wants to do it perfect. What weapons did u have to make it that far??


    i always forget i? have grenades

  43. tonylombardi13

    You sound like? Perez Hilton.

  44. quinten156

    i allways shoot it ?

  45. dragontamer74pe

    I? wasn’t really paying attention and when u got 2 round 2 and said thats it I thought the strategy would only get u 2 round 2

  46. MrXtream2000


  47. CaLLoFDuTymanguydude

    Ur really amusing. i dont reckon ur gay. ur just? amusing and random. i like u and ur vidz

  48. theweirdone09

    just got done doing solo on kino to round 30 got 200 k points so? I consider myself a pro at kino, now to takle five!

  49. XBlade132

    29:04 -”awww you BITCH!”

    it’s 1250am right now and im laughing so tough? for no reason other than im very tired

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