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hope solo 2010

us vs. mex marzo 28 2010
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Kingsley and Galen Hooks the dirt on 4 of Dancing with the () 13. Find out how the remaining performed while dancing to well-known movie scores. Be sure to check back for an all new of FYI every Tuesday! Kingsley – .youtube. Galen Hooks – www.galenhooks. DWTS Season 13 Couples Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya and Tony Dovolani (Eliminated Week 4) David Arquette and and Valentin Chmerkovsky (Eliminated Week 2) and Maks Chmerkovsky JR Martinez and Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas (Eliminated Week 3) Nancy Grace and Tristan MacMahon Ricki Lake and Derek Hough Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke Ron Artest and Peta Murgatroyd (Eliminated Week 1) Featured : The Blitz Ambassador – “Free Your Mind” www.facebook. Follow Us on Twitter- www.twitter.
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26 Responses to hope solo 2010

  1. KerstinB1971

    stop shakin that f..king camera

  2. SkyeAndParis

    He said? bitch…

  3. synjerome

    Isn’t that girl from the Till the World Ends music video? Right me if? im incorrect.

  4. 11hallegracie

    How did he? not cussss?

  5. DanceOn

    @REDWOLF015 it’s really filmed in a real? living room — no green screen

  6. CBlasingame86

    Wow how did they get him to do this without? his hat lol?!

  7. BhaddestSmiler57

    FYI kinglesy is the shit? OMG!

  8. Finallyification

    Like these two together!?

  9. BadHoesNGudSex

    Kingsley look excellent? AF!

  10. REDWOLF015

    Did they really just greenscreen a room behind them thinking nobody would notice??? WELL I NOTICED BITCH!!!

  11. Poponfu1


  12. KareBear803

    Wasn’t she in ne-yo’s one in a million? video?

  13. CRuleProductions

    Video is? blocked in Australia. :|

  14. j0r211

    nazi’s faces melting off? never laughed so tough.?

  15. danceislove77


  16. Shopaholic261

    more Kingsley? please!

  17. leonsaycheese

    @YaLalali26 He said bitch though…?

  18. legitmcoolsley2223

    thank you based god?

  19. glowgirl13

    From 0:00? to 0:43 hes like bitch pleasee

  20. absoluthysterics


    lol jk

  21. pjessica9

    lol, i like how kingsley’s? trying to be like modest.

  22. purplejunkieomgg

    whoooooo go Kingsley hell? yeah!!!

  23. bkelly170


  24. itstherugbys

    …. this doesnt count for the video of the week.? we want queations and answers!!

  25. Nancy4591

    kingsleyyy looks like hes about to? kill a bitch at the begining

  26. YaLalali26

    This is the longest I’ve watched Kingsley without swearing !? :O

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