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Hope solo is hot

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Kingsley (itskingsleybitch) and Bobby (Choreographer, America’s Got Talent) recap 6 of Dancing with the Stars 13. Find out how the did on Broadway night! All new of FYI every Tuesday :) Kingsley – .youtube. Bobby Newberry – www.twitter. Season 13 Couples: Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer (Eliminated Week 6) Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya (Eliminated Week 5) and Tony Dovolani (Eliminated Week 4) David Arquette and and Valentin Chmerkovsky (Eliminated Week 2) and Maks Chmerkovsky JR Martinez and Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas (Eliminated Week 3) Nancy Grace and Tristan MacMahon Ricki Lake and Derek Hough Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke Ron Artest and Peta Murgatroyd (Eliminated Week 1) Featured : The Blitz Ambassador – “Free Your Mind” www.facebook.com Follow Us on Twitter- www.twitter.com

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27 Responses to Hope solo is hot

  1. Moayad88

    if u jumped and kissed her i would’ve like it and? subed to u :D

  2. bkenn02

    that guys laugh? sounds like seth rogens

  3. Xonabella

    I like this.. tristans the? best FYI

  4. jackie99202

    Kingsley? is even cuter when he’s acting all shy:)

  5. 10thenomes

    I Like? Kingsley !

  6. MyMovieLove

    Wow,? Bobby certainly out-gayed Kingsley.

  7. bflyvh

    Five Hundred Twenty-Five? Thousand Six Hundred MISSTEPS!

  8. anferNEEZY78

    Its weird seeing Kingsley without? his hat lol

  9. GLUTEN88

    Like ya Bobby!!!?

  10. HaileyHartGraal


  11. cloetv12345


  12. mandee917

    this is the least i have ever? seen kingsley curse!! lol

  13. denice1012

    omg kingsley? is so cute

  14. 26MrNick

    wtf was? that?

  15. 1901jn


  16. ShortBumBum

    Why can’t i watch this video. Is it because? I’m English!?

  17. monkena

    kingsley. :D ?

  18. Poponfu1



    that white man is fine?

  20. eatenalive85

    Stupid? and dull video


    see? this is why? gay people are so incredible. THEY’RE FUCKING HILARIOUS.

  22. FlairGrapes

    Kingsley has? said before that he is very shy in person

  23. pvbchic

    I? never thought Kingsley could be upstaged!

  24. ColorfulWorldxxo

    omg i like you two
    ! ahh?

  25. JoshJW11

    I agree 100% with @HereComesDANIELLA? Kingsley, you know your not shy nor that silent ever! Whats goin on? But overall, fantastic job though!

  26. Pirateism

    I lost? it at “CAAAAKES”.

  27. Tiddypocket


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