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Hope Solo interviewed at magicJack game on 8/10/11

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25 Responses to Hope Solo interviewed at magicJack game on 8/10/11

  1. gtz831

    hope is garbage…… “we’re damn excellent” well what happened against japan. hope is tooo cocky. idk why ppl reckon shes hottt, shes freaken hideous. christen press is the hottest in the league!

  2. msbunnypaws

    “Is that really a fantastic question?” Hah.

  3. jasper2008ify

    Fucking fans are pissed that security was rough with them. Yeah that’s what happens when you bull rush others to get to someone while acting like crazed maniacs. Dumbass people.

  4. MariFanMG

    Well, she better get used to her status of World Football Superstar…

  5. Hopesolouswntgoalie1

    You cn tell Hope just rely wnts to watch the match!!!

  6. k98cn2h0

    @cranscape I know I just read the WPSMagicJack tweet. Thanks for response :)

  7. irishmist1794

    @cranscape Yay someone with a brain!!!

  8. cranscape

    @k98cn2h0 Those weren’t bodyguards. They were stadium security overwhelmed by fans behaving terribly while trying to make sure they didn’t hurt her. Ambushing her on the field where they weren’t supposed to be and not obeying instructions/security leads to distress. People are lucky she stayed longer than a sane person would have in order to sign as much as possible. And parents, if there is a mob around a player perhaps don’t send your child into it.

  9. wolfke1979

    They should have done the interview before or after the match, lol, poor Hope, she was constantly looking at what was going on on the field. Like her though, I can’t wait to see her back in action! Thank you so much for posting this!

  10. k98cn2h0

    I feel terrible for Hope she was attack by fans! Crazy! Then the body guards that what people say where pushing to keep her safe. And some fans got hurt and thing started to happen in Twitter!

  11. ussoccerhopesolo

    HUGE HUGE fan my dream in life is to not only help find a cure for cystic fibrosis and help save my older brother but to meet Hope Solo and maybe spend like a hour with her or something. she is my IDOL, oh and I also want to become a pro goalkeeper and play in the WPS

  12. josafina8009

    they were completely taking her away from the match :( isnt that one of the main reason she showed up? to watch the match?

  13. cranscape

    I like how she kept trying to get a look at the match during the interview. If anyone questions if soccer is her priority you can see where she’d rather be.

  14. FLyKiD1990

    i like how Hope speaks she knows whats right for her and her future of course!
    & uswnt brought so many fans to the wps after wwc ! well needed more attention for the womens sports!! soon it’ll be more respected than ever and what it deserves! but fans dont go on about being fans only for looks but their passion!

  15. sleepysuave

    Poor Hope, she wants to watch the match!

  16. activesack

    Before I get flamed, it’s an “inside” joke on twitter. All the best! Such a excellent sport for staying for all those autographs.

  17. activesack

    What a Diva! lol

  18. luke88race

    @WPSmagicJack moral victory ?

  19. ChristinaGabanaGucci

    @ThatOneQuickky agreed =)

  20. ThatOneQuickky

    Youtube needs to specify more on what ” A few minutes” Means…

  21. ChristinaGabanaGucci

    @WPSmagicJack lol =)

  22. WPSmagicJack

    @luke88race Congratulations?

  23. ChristinaGabanaGucci

    i like magic jack and all of its player and nyf and atl and sky blue there all awsome incredible #BEAST #PROJECTPINK Like yall!

  24. mmvoyles1


  25. luke88race

    SparkingAFire was First!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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