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Hope Solo Reveals Her Nude ESPN Magazine Cover!

Her ! star Hope Solo shows off her cover for , but was she nervous about exposing her like that? , how does she feel about the negative feedback she’s received on “Dancing with the ” for having a ? Check out more of ESPN’s “ Issue” at .espn./bodyissue.
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10 Responses to Hope Solo Reveals Her Nude ESPN Magazine Cover!

  1. cranscape

    @jhons1979 I know! I mean, what were Apolo Ohno and Tim Howard and Amare Stoudemire thinking doing that for money. Oh, wait. We were talking double standards, right? Now that’s sad.

  2. LoboLoko007

    next: Alex Morgan

    crossing my fingers.

  3. jhons1979

    i did not reckon, she will go that far just for money , it is sad ,.

  4. housecry

    Toy Tale? Hmmm. I gotta say it even though it’s been said a million times she really is very gorgeous.

  5. amora24able


  6. windyflighty


  7. bluespyguy85


  8. windyflighty


  9. David Nelson

    It would be nice to have female role model for my girls that really keeps her clothes on. They spin it a million ways, but they just want to get naked. The odd thing is that if you’re going advertise your skanky, why not do Playboy and get a huge payday of it rather than a partial view and no money. Its not like there wasn’t a crew there taking every inch, so let’s not have any fake modesty or “tasteful” BS

  10. Mary Ann Huntington

    I vote for you every week Hope. I’m so proud to have a Seattlite on DWTS. You’re awesome, excellent luck.

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