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The US Women’s National Team Preps for the World Cup

Go behind-the-scenes as , Lloyd, and the rest of the top-ranked US ’s Soccer prepare for the 2011 Cup in Germany. .stack.
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18 Responses to The US Women’s National Team Preps for the World Cup

  1. JDubs878

    Damn I got tired just watching these girls workout! I need to exercise more… =(

  2. JassiMonrose

    Alex Morgan & Hope Solo are hotter than You know :D ?

  3. SquiddySpacePirate

    anyone else thing Solo’s voice is higher than you would reckon? I mean I saw her interview and stuff, and she is an incredible soccer player.

  4. MrKooldude396

    hope solo and carly loyd!!!!!!!

  5. calcium66

    Hope Solo. Tu y mi Solaa , keep it up ;)

  6. calcium66

    Hope , keep it up ;)

  7. 94beboo

    Damn dude, Hope Solo is bangin’.

  8. soccerstar037

    i hope they win it all!!! they are all pretty incredible!!

    btw are they wearing like heart rate/monitor watches at 0:56 or do they all like to wear regular watches for practice?

  9. blackhorse099

    Hope Solo is so cool and pretty. And I like her voice.

  10. beatlesto


  11. jasper2008ify

    Soccer is the most well-known sport in America for girls. For guys, It’s going to take A LOT for soccer to get past Baseball, Basketball, and American Football.

    Hope Solo and Alex Morgan>all

  12. selenagomez1278

    I like the team’s determination to win.
    I reckon they’re gonna make it

  13. TheHeyrandy

    Hope Solo is so HOTT!!!

  14. merciless41582


  15. Soccer4Life200011

    i like this team

  16. selenagomez1278

    I feel like they have prepared perfectly and you can just tell that they want the World Cup terribly enough. That means they’re really gonna win and bring it home

  17. RayWilliamJohansen

    boner achieved

  18. johnnybvo

    These are some badass ladies. I’m rooting for ‘em.

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